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Naples Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Legal Advice > When will my personal injury case settle?

When will my personal injury case settle?

It is impossible in the early stages of a personal injury claim to predict when that particular claim will actually settle. Some cases settle in a matter of months after the injury while others can take years to get to settlement or trial.

Your lawyer will usually wait until you have completed recovery from your injury or have at least come close to recovery before trying to settle your case.

It is important to know the following before your case is settled:

  • What is the total of all medical bills?
  • Will any further medical treatment be necessary?
  • If further medical treatment is necessary, what is the prediction of its cost?
  • Are any of your injuries permanent?
  • If any of the injuries are permanent, how do such permanent injuries affect your earning capacity?
  • What was your total loss of income and what other employment benefits were lost because of the injury?
  • Is it likely that you will lose any further income as a result of your injury?

There are other factors that must be taken into consideration before settlement. As the case progresses, your personal injury lawyer will have some idea as to the approximate time in which the case may be at the proper stage for settlement.

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