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Naples Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Motorcycle Accident > Why You Need to See a Doctor After a Car or Motorcycle Accident

Why You Need to See a Doctor After a Car or Motorcycle Accident

One of the biggest mistakes that car or motorcycle accident victims can make is not seeking immediate medical care. Yet just because you didn’t break a bone or sustain a serious injury, that’s not to say you shouldn’t see a doctor.

Below are just a few of the reasons that you should get evaluated.

Some injuries aren’t immediately evident

If you’ve been hit by a car or truck, adrenaline will immediately start to pump through your veins. It’s not at all unusual for accident victims to feel fine after an accident happens, only to wake up sore, in pain and miserable a day or two later.

For example, people who’ve sustained concussions may not be aware of their injuries for a few days. Side effects, such as exhaustion, dizziness, disorientation and nausea may take several days to show up. The effects of a traumatic brain injury may also take time to materialize.

Why seeing a doctor is important

Car / motorcycle accident victims experience a wide range of thoughts, feelings and emotions at the time the event takes place. The idea that they may need to hire a lawyer to help them with a personal injury lawsuit is often not among them.

If, in the future, you feel your injuries warrant this type of litigation, you’ll need to have documented proof that the accident caused your injuries. For example, if you suffered a concussion and your symptoms worsen over time, but you didn’t see a doctor after the accident took place, the driver’s insurance company might argue that you sustained your injuries in a different way, perhaps hours or days after the accident happened. In other instances, the insurance company’s lawyers may try to argue that your symptoms are a result of something that happened before the day of the accident.

The bottom line is this: if you don’t have documented proof that X caused Y, your case will be much harder to prove in court.

Naples law firm you can trust

No one likes to think they’ll need to hire a personal injury lawyer to help them navigate a car or motorcycle accident case. However, if that time comes, you’ll want to be prepared. If you’re in an accident, be sure to document any and all evidence that might be helpful to your case. This includes getting names and phone numbers of witnesses, photographs of the accident (if possible), and seeing a licensed medical professional.

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