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Naples Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Legal Advice > Seatbelt Safety Importance, Even When Driving Short Distances

Seatbelt Safety Importance, Even When Driving Short Distances

Statistics show most car accidents typically occur within 5 miles of the home. Many drivers fall into a “comfort zone” as they get close to home, relaxing their guard, picking up phones to make calls, removing seatbelts, or just not wearing a seatbelt at all if they are driving a few blocks away or driving through a parking lot. With that in mind, here are some statistics you should keep in mind:

  • More than 80% of all accidents occur at speeds below 40 mph.

  • Fatalities involving occupants of cars who are not wearing seatbelts have been recorded at speeds as low as 12 mph. That is about the speed you would be driving within a parking lot.

  • Seatbelts protect you from being thrown from a vehicle. If you are thrown from a vehicle your risk of death is five times greater.

Florida seat belt laws, which apply to any car manufactured since 1968, were created and are enforced to protect you.

The cost for a seatbelt violation is $30. For a child that is not properly restrained the violation is $60. Those are the monetary penalties for breaking the law – the physical and mental anguish that may be caused by not wearing your seatbelt and being involved in an accident can be completely devastating.

Driving without your seatbelt on, even when driving short distances, can pose great risk to your safety, so the best choice is to buckle up.

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