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Naples Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Legal Advice > How do I pay my bills following an accident injury?

How do I pay my bills following an accident injury?

Your first order of action following an accident in which you have been injured is to take care of yourself and follow any medical professional advice you are given to ease your pain and lead you to healing from the injury. A common concern during this time is regarding how bills will be paid. Your lawyer will discuss the payment of your medical bills in detail with you.

In summary, your medical bills may be paid by one of the following methods:

  • Your own health insurance from your employment benefits package.

  • Your own health insurance that you may have paid for personally.

  • Health insurance obtained by your spouse for your benefit or by your parents if you are under age and living with such parents.

  • Medical payments insurance coverage from your own automobile policy if you were driving your automobile and were involved in an automobile collision (this is called Personal Injury Protection or PIP insurance).

  • Medical payments insurance coverage from the person you were riding with if you were a passenger in an automobile that has automobile insurance coverage.

  • Your own personal funds if you were not insured and are able to pay medical bills as they are incurred.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance if your injury occurred while you were working on the job and the injury occurred as a result of your employment.

  • The liability insurance coverage for the person, persons or company who caused your injuries. Such insurance coverage will most likely be paid at the time of settlement rather than during the period that you incur such medical bills.

  • Other possible sources.

Depending on the nature of your case, your medical bills may be covered through any of the above possible options. If there is no insurance coverage, your bills will be saved by you and your lawyer, and will be paid at a later date when and if your case settles.

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