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Monthly Archives: June 2020


The Seven Most Common Defective Car Parts

By Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. |

Not all traffic injuries are caused by negligent drivers. Defective manufacturing or design can lead to serious collisions that result in injury or death. Take, for example, a blown out tire while on the highway at 70 miles per hour, or defective steering components that cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle…. Read More »

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Finding and Holding a Hit and Run Driver Accountable

By Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. |

When a driver leaves an injured, or a potentially dying or dead, victim by the side of the road simply because they do not want to get in trouble, they are committing a crime. More than that, they are violating a moral code that humans have towards one another to provide life saving aid… Read More »

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Does Car Technology Actually Make Driving Safer?

By Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. |

Distracted Driving Victims Need Legal Help Distracted driving is at an all time high, and the problem is only getting worse. Technology, including GPS devices, texting, talking on cell phones, adjusting music with smartphones, and distracting “infotainment” screens all lead to drivers spending less time focusing on the road, which inevitably leads to more… Read More »

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Evidence That Can Be Gathered in a Personal Injury Case

By Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. |

When a personal injury claim is made, there needs to be evidence to prove who the at-fault or negligent party was. This all happens separately from any criminal charges that may be brought against the at-fault party. For instance, if you were in a car crash and the negligent party was written a ticket… Read More »

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Foot Injuries Caused in Slip and Fall Accidents

By Marc L. Shapiro, P.A. |

The foot and ankle are often overlooked when it comes to fall injuries, yet the foot and lower leg is one of the most common injury sites in slip and falls. Head, back, wrist, and neck injuries often occur in conjunction with foot and lower leg injuries, which can take longer to heal and… Read More »

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